Klaus Busch

Bilder und Illustrationen


The "Fool`s Mirror"-series ("Der Narrenspiegel" in German) was made between 2016 and 2021 and is trying to illuminate our world sometimes satirically, sometimes a little maliciously. How good it would be for the greater  and smaller leaders of this world to have jester who holds up the (fool's) mirror to them, encoded in pictures maybe but still bluntly. I try to be that "necessary jester" with my artwork.

The 40 artworks of the "Fool`s Mirror"-series were on an "exhibition tour" in seven cities in Germany and Austria between 2021 and 2023. An illustrated book has been published to accompany this exhibition tour, explaining the works with short texts (only in German, I am sorry!). For this illustrated book and as an entry to the exhibitions I made a cover picture:

The Fool's Mirror
Pastels, 21 x 21 cm (2018)

All the artworks of the "Fool's Mirror"-series have in common that they made with pastels and have all the same size of 48 x 22 cm. For a better overwie I have divided them in two parts of 20 paintings each on the following sides:

Fool's Mirror 1-20

Fool's Mirror 21-40