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Klaus Busch was born 1965 in Limburg, Germany. He grew up in Wetzlar. 1990 – 1994 Klaus Busch studied Urbanism in Oldenburg. He is working part-time as a city-planner in Deggendorf, Bavaria. Klaus Busch is also a freelance artist and lecturer at the University of Deggendorf. He lives in Deggendorf, is married and father of three sons.

His favorite painting and drawing techniques are pastels, ink and watercolor. In addition he is doing etchings and book illustrations. He is member of the Regenbogen Kunst- und Kulturverein Plattling and the Kunstverein Deggendorf.

“Paintings and drawings of Klaus Busch are an invitation to take a walk with the eyes. The viewer easily forgets that he is viewing a flat surface, because the elaboration of the plastic qualities of things and their inclusion in the perspective are two major means that Klaus Busch uses to stage his fantasy world. The paintings contain a melancholy, but not without confidence. Well-known and familiar motives are mixed with unreal, but these are drawn as if they were really to grip in the tangible space. In this extraordinary world time is visible because everything takes time and must be experienced. It takes a second look " (Peter Glotz)


„Zivil“-Art Award 2004
2. Visitors Award Truderinger Kunsttage Munich 2012
2. Award „Fascinating Skulls", Kunsthalle Leoben/Austria 2013

Exhibitions selected by a jury:

„Elements“ Kunstvereins Plauen (2007)
„Start to eternity“ RBK Landsberg/Lech (2010)
Truderinger Kunsttage Munich (2012)

„Faszinating Skulls" Kunsthalle Leoben/Austria (2013)

Biennial „ARTiges“ Ottobrunn near Munich (2014)

10. KalkKunst Cologne (2014)

20. „Nature-Men“ Braunlage/Harz (2014)

Josef-Müller-Pauly-Prize for Watercolour Painting Weilburg (2015) 
Art Award-Exhibition of the city of Weilburg (2015)

"Home" Quiddezentrum Munich (2015)

OSTRALE O´15 Dresden (2015)

Art Award-Exhibition of the Kunstverein Aichach (2016)

Marler Kunststern Marl (2016)

Heise-Art Award-Exhibition Dessau (2017)

23. „Nature-Men“ Braunlage/Harz (2017)

There are also numerous solo and group exhibitions in Germany, Austria and the Czech Republic.